The Society of Young Publishers – Oxford – 27.09.2017

DKv9B5-XoAUPdv_What a fantastic night talking about getting published with literary agent Antony Harwood and Michael Baskar from Canelo press.  We packed out the Living Room at Oxford’s Turl Street Kitchen and it was a pleasure to answer the audience’s questions.

One thing that shocked me was the lack of knowledge about how to submit work to agents, literary magazines and presses. The writers in the audience were unsure about so much– did they need a MA in creative writing to submit (no), would they get feedback (probably not), were emails okay (usually, yes!). It got me thinking about how much vital and interesting work might be sitting in a drawer in a desk because an author might not know how to get it out there.

So, I will be writing a series for Oxford Writers’ House on how to publish your work. I’ll be interviewing some agents, poetry press owners and editors of literary magazines to get some insider opinions.


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