Eco poetry Event at Homerton College

On Friday 7th May I will be chairing an event at Homerton College on poetry and climate change.

Meeting the challenges of the climate crisis requires a radical reorganisation of the ways we live, work and play. In this roundtable discussion, artists, publishers, academics and climate activists will explore how creativity, particularly poetry, might help us to create bold new ways of thinking, being and doing.

The panel will feature the poets Jade Cuttle, Ella Duffy and Mariah Whelan, the editor Kate Simpson, academics and students from Homerton College, Cambridge as well as activists who are all invited to reflect on how poetry can help us rise to the challenges we are already facing and will continue to face over the coming decades.

Can art make a difference? How can we use creativity to mobilise emotion and affect real systematic change? Are there places where poetry falls short? Over an hour and a half, we will hear from our panel of experts before opening up for group discussion. 



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