‘History Lessons’ The Oxford Review of Books (2020)

On Commemoration: ‘In the Archive’ (2020)

the rafters were still burning, Dancing Girl Press (2020)

Cuadernos del Hipogrifo: ‘Fox Studies’ and ‘Tsukiji Market’

recently published:

‘Hefted’, ‘In the Archive’ and ‘The Coach Station’, iamb poetry

the love i do to you, Eyewear Publishing 

Poetry Birmingham Review: ‘Four Deaths’ and ‘Fossils’ 

The Oxonian Review: Three Poems

Slippage Lit: ‘rip’

The Interpreter’s House 71: ‘House of Light’

Academics Against Networking: ‘HERE I AM’ 

Aesthetica Creative Writing Anthology 2019: ‘Viaduct’

The Cadaverine: ‘Coach Station’

The Tangerine: ‘Hefted’

The Irish Literary Review: ‘Fishing’

A Change of Climate: ‘Geography Lessons’

Fathers and What Must be Said: ‘Sonnet for an Old Man’

Poetry Book Society Website: ‘Viaduct’

Best New British and Irish Poets: ‘Hefted’

The Open Ear: ‘Dad’

Ash Magazine: ‘Iceland’


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