forthcoming and recently published

Streetcake Magazine: ‘Ashes’ (2020)

perhappened mag: ‘Fox Studies’ (2020)

The Poetry Society: ‘The Piano’ (2020)

On Commemoration: ‘In the Archive’ (2020)

the rafters were still burning, Dancing Girl Press (2020)

‘History Lessons’, The Oxford Review of Books (2020)

‘Hefted’, ‘In the Archive’ and ‘The Coach Station’, iamb poetry (2020)

the love i do to you, Eyewear Publishing (2019)

Poetry Birmingham Review: ‘Four Deaths’ and ‘Fossils’  (2019)

The Oxonian Review: Three Poems (2019)

Slippage Lit: ‘rip’ (2019)

The Interpreter’s House 71: ‘House of Light’ (2019)

Academics Against Networking: ‘HERE I AM’ (2019)

Aesthetica Creative Writing Anthology 2019: ‘Viaduct’ (2019)

The Cadaverine: ‘Coach Station’

The Tangerine: ‘Hefted’

The Irish Literary Review: ‘Fishing’

A Change of Climate: ‘Geography Lessons’

Fathers and What Must be Said: ‘Sonnet for an Old Man’

Poetry Book Society Website: ‘Viaduct’

Best New British and Irish Poets: ‘Hefted’

The Open Ear: ‘Dad’

Ash Magazine: ‘Iceland’

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