4 Poems in ‘On Commemoration’

Book Cover Peter Lang

Having spent the past few months working on the proofs (honestly … working in concrete media has required a lot of learning about Photoshop and image resolution!), I’m delighted to announce I have 4 poems and critical introductions in this important anthology published by Peter Lang.

The brainchild of Catherine Gilbert, Kate McLoughlin and Niall Munro On Commemoration asks how, in the twenty first century, can we do commemoration better? How can commemoration contribute to post-war reconciliation and reconstruction?

My four poems were written in the archives of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. They use experimental and interdisciplinary methods to think about colonial archives, white supremacy and writing. They explore how whiteness in these archives and indeed, in my own writing, has often become coded as ‘default’ or ‘neutral’ and the consequences of this poise of ‘neutrality’ for history and identity.

You can find out more about the anthology here:

Two blogs I wrote for TORCH about my experiences in the archives are available here and here.

You can read three other poems from the collection in The Oxonian Review here.

A pamphlet of all the poems I wrote for the residency is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press (hopefully in 2020, Covid depending!)



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